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Fuel tank pick up


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Feb 24, 2010
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As part of my ongoing regime of restoration and maintenance, I removed the fuel pick up last night, from the main tank. Inside it was actually very clean, unlike the fuel filter by the engine. But, there was no strainer on the end of the pick up. Toyo seems to show one. The pipe was self coloured except for the end where it did seem as though there had been something attached. I had a good scout around as far as i could with a torch, but as there are baffles in there I couldn't see everywhere. But it would have been very difficult for a strainer to have got out of the pick up well. It did not look like anyone had ever been there before me. You can usually spot that. All looked factory sealed to me.

Any thoughts on this one? I'd rather have a strainer. Bits do get washed into the tank from the filler neck.

I have an old tank sender with the filter on the end, the gauge was playing up so got a second hand one, yours for the postage if needed.
Andy, you are a star. Not that expensive as a part it seems, but having to mank around driving to the dealers, waiting to get someone at the desk etc.
Should go in small packet I would think.

Have PMd you.

It's in a jiffy bag, and will be posted this afternoon, just waiting for the TNT man to call with some parts, then it will be in the post office.
Andy my friend, it did. Sorry not to have posted, been up to elbows in CV grease. Was going to post a pictorial when I did the job.

Many thanks for that. I have no idea where the original went. Just fitted suspension today, so will probably get strainer in tomorrow.

I owe you beer.

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No problem, it very nearly went in the bin the other week, but you never know when you will need it, well thats what I tell the other half when she moans about my garage.
Well, good news and more good news.

Fuel strainer fitted a treat thanks Andy and mystery solved on where the original went. I was looking in the tank tonight with a torch generally checking around and the old one bobbed into view on the other side of the baffle. No way to get at it. One day when there is a high tide and I perform an adventurous off-road move, it may just wash over to the other side. But I guess I shall never know.

One very tempting thing to do was to cut the carpet over the tank cover so that I don't have to remove the seats every time which is tedious. I think if I was over landing, this is a mod that I would do to save time and hassle at the road side should I ever need to. Blocked strainer for example due to poor fuel. The cover is just between the two top brackets for the seats but I think it would come off with the seats in place.