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Future 100 Series Owner

Shay Marriott

New Member
Jul 19, 2018
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Hi everyone.

I've been a lurker here for a few months and am hoping to take the plunge soon on a 100 Series LC. Currently driving a BMW F30 330d, and it just isn't quite cutting it for me... Having read every interesting looking 100 series forum thread back to about 2012, I thought I might as well introduce myself and start joining in. Here's a bit about me.

Caught the off roading bug with my first car - a 1997 Suzuki Vitara in 2010, and then a 2008 Defender 110 I had in 2013. I've wanted a Land Cruiser for a couple of years, but the other half felt that having Hilux as my work truck was "quite enough on the 4x4 front" and I [pretended that I] agreed. Then last year work very kindly decided to replace the Hilux with an L200, and so naturally I was left no option but to consider a personal Toyota instead of the BMW. As I'm still in my 20's (for another year...) and am yet to be persuaded to have kids for a few years, I figured I might as well by a proper 'Cruiser - you only live once eh!

Originally I wanted a 120 or 150 , but deep down was always tempted by a 'proper' 'Cruiser. I can't stretch the budget to a 200 series, and everybody raves about the 1HD-FTE engine, so I am looking to sell the BMW imminently and look for a facelift '04-'07 100 Series Amazon, mainly because of the updated interior and gearbox and hopefully with any bugs ironed out. I intend it to be used for the odd road/offroad trip as well as camping and climbing trips - but generally to just enjoy driving a hopefully special vehicle which I can look after for many years to come

Aside from the above, my general hobbies include climbing and mountaineering, my cat and girlfriend, and when the sun's out I ride a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin, but mainly on the road as for now it's still quite shiny...

I have a few general questions to those already lucky enough to own a 100, which I'll start a thread on. Thanks for reading!