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FW Body Protection for Overlanding



sorry for the previous html version!
body and suspension lifts mean diddly-squat when it comes to genuine
clearance on ifs or beam axled vehicles. with a suspension lift of 50mm (ome
hd springs and shocks) and an upgrade from 265/75 r15 to 750/16 wheels, the
lowest part of my 4runner is still its rear diff: 230mm. next is the front
skid plate: 280mm and finally, in the middle, the gear box / transmission
skid plate: 330mm. with ifs, sliders are only really useful if they are
strong enough to hi-lift jack off.
your radius arms (?); track rod ends and other gubbins are open to abuse as
was my radiator: my radiator is very deep and so i have fab'd a second steel
skid plate to protect the front facing bottom edge. i do have a very good
arb bull bar but haven't been involved in any collisions yet and so it
hasn't been "tested to destruction". but a good strong bulbar is a useful
addition for an overlander: i bolt my hi-lift there; i can jack off it; my
vice (needed for battering stuff back into shape) is bolted there, as is a
tow rope. it is also obviously has sufficient potential to do damage that
even the crazy matatu drivers give you a wide berth, but i'd agree with
chris scott when he says you don't need it for a quick jaunt to morocco. i
removed the old "aesthetic" rear bumper and will be welding a bit of 3"
square pipe in its place - this will also be a useful place to mount a pair
of custom swing out wheel carriers.
again, without fitting larger wheels and upgrading your gear box, you can't
gain real clearance without fitting portal axles et al. too much lift and
you may begin to experience cog problems especially if you load up the
roofrack with all the usual gumph you aquire, or need, whilst overlanding.
too heavy a bulbar should also be avoided as a friend of mine, who just
completed a mini safari from sa to east africa in a landcruiser ii (70
series?) found out when his chassis (mounts?) started to crack on the badly
pott holed roads in zambia! in reality a lot of vehicles that leave the uk,
bound for africa, are over 'specced but most of that comes from a latent
british "be prepared" syndrome.
between cape town and nairobi you never really have to leave tar unless you
want to, which brings into question the necessity of a 4x4 in the first
place, of course i have yet to explore the roads further north.
on the question of insurance: campbell irvine would have insured my original
12 month trans-african trip for gbp 760.
campbell irvine, 48 earls court road, kensington w8 6ej
phone: +44-171-937-6981
fax: +44-171-938-2250.
email: [email address removed].
they charge about 12% of the cost of the vehicle so it's definitely not
jeremy --
s1 16.362 e36 45.684
nairobi: 0723 152 787
'94 kzn130 3.0td
ome hd suspension
rob's magic polybushes
safari snorkel
arb bullbar
5 core radiator
twin batteries / split charge
16" steel lc splitrims
750/16 michelin xzls
surf rear wheel carrier
custom roofrack, light protectors & skid plate.