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Fwd [80] Intercooler kits 1-HDFT



Have a look at these. Prices in euros. Photos show the run of the
Gareth Jones '97 1-HDFT
And of course I should have added look at the Safari Intercooler / turbo
kit site for their installation, lots of photos , power torque graphs
etc. It is more expensive than the All American one and according to
Craig Vincent is smaller in area, he was that impressed he bought 3 kits
from Maarten - and shipped them home to N.Z. !!
Regards Gareth.
[80] Intercooler kits 1-HDFT

Hi, Did You take into consideration air-to-water intercooler?
It can be mounted on the top of engine, and not make big lag
because it does not increase capacity of system, and water much more
take hot from air, I belive You can unterstand my english.