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Jon, Salles la Voilette, literally on the border between the Charente
and the Dordogne.
If you find Riberac it is some 30 - 40 km north.
four of us are going on a working holiday to finish off some of the
rooms in a friends property, 3 storey farmhouse, plus cellar and large
barn, small garden, very quiet area.
I took the L/C and my Ifor Williams trailer over there twice last year.
Poole to Cherbourg on one trip and Portsmouth to St Malo on the other
the latter - definitely the preferred route, still a 6 to 7 hour drive.
Laden with building material and furniture on the way out and food /
drink and plants from a very good garden centre on the way back. The
attachment shows an aerial view of the village.
The property is available for rent, as it is not finished, but is
perfectly habitable, he was charging 10 euros per person per night.
The temperature should now, be about 20 - 25 centigrade, and the little
lizards will be running around the garden.
There is a lack of Guiness in the area - you have been warned