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G’day, thanks for the start. Need help with a few teething problems


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Jun 2, 2022
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G’day, after much searching I found an LC200 which met my criteria (good Nick, low/no mods). After purchasing (and paying for a mechanical inspection) I discovered it had had a DPF delete. Very very luckily to get it registered after the interstate inspection flagged me for being too noisy and no muffler (strange as it is is genuinely quiet). Priced a full OEM exhaust (incl. dpfs) and had a bloody heart attack.

Looking ahead to re-sale and potential defect issues I’d like to chase down used DPFs if any are about.

Otherwise love the truck and am looking forward to a lot of adventures in her.

First time i ever heard of anyone wanting to add one , they are the devils work designed solely to generate income for the maker same as the EGR .
hey mate. Certainly don’t want to refit one, but am keen to track one down to have on-hand for resale etc. the rego inspectors seem to know exactly what to look for now.

Yeah i get what your saying it just annoys me that this shit has become a legal requirement .

If you passed the test I assume its running fine without a dpf and no dash lights then like our test here in the uk it needs only to pass visual inspection i.e its there so thats fine . With that in mind why not get one from a scrap yard and cut it open removing internals .