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[Gear change] [speedo]



Hi There guys
I was thinking again and if I was to change up from the stock tyres to 33s
will this have any issues with the auto box. I know it will have issues with
the speedo but not sure by how much, theres no use saying to a cop sorry sir
but I just got new tyres and they made me speed. Although im sure they have
heard every excuse when people are caught. So any ideas please let me know.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
Hi Clive
Thanks for your reply but I have that and I have a problem no not that one,
the old calculator only goes up to I think 31s. The other thing is what is a
31 or 33 10.5 in a size like the ones I have say 265 x 70 x15.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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I think this page gives you the answer.
Regards, Clive.
On 5/23/05, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
On 5/23/05, john byrne <[Email address removed]> wrote:
s a
I think it's not relevant for the auto box, as the box measures engine
speed. Except for the speedo wheel circumference is not used as a
point of reference for engine control. Engine speed measured at the
flywheel and crankshaft is not affected by wheel size.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80