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Gear oils etc



Peter wrote...
Second, what oil is best for the transfer box, EP 80/90, or do you have any
other recommendations?
Peter FWIW, EP80-90 is fine for the transfer box. I don't know about
synthetic as we don't have that luxury here, except for engine oil, and
then its usually brands that are out of fashion in W Europe.
But for my peace of mind - bearing in mind I always have to carry some
spare oil with me just in case - I always use Hypoid 80-90 gear oil which
is over-spec for your transfer box. This is what you need in your axles and
it only costs a tad more than EP. So I use just the one for both applications.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where I keep getting the ELCO digest in
light green font !