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Very well said, I think that Difflock and others like it are the way to go.
Anthony Graham
1994HDJ80 1HD-T
West Wales
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Hi Julian
I have been thinking about this and although I do not know much about the
cruisers and the computer set up etc etc, jeeze I could go on and on but
wont because I will get depressed. Jon in Bosnia and others have said a lot
of good things I hope from what I can understand of it all. It is great to
see the interest from every one. I think that if the e-mails get more
frequent than they are , it could become a pain and people may lose interest
in it all. Do you know of a forum called Difflock but of course you do,
stupid me again. I have found this one works very well for me.
It is well laid out and simple to operate even for people like me,
It is divided into sections for each vehicle and then sub devided again,
If you post you can decide which part of the forum it goes in, the part you
are interested in only,
You can get e-mails regarding your post,
You can get e-mails from other sections of the forum that you have shown an
interest in by posting in those areas previously,
All this means that you do not get mail from sections you are not interested
in, but yet you can go through all the posts if you want in the sections you
I just find it good and simple to operate, sorry if I have bored anyone.
john c
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland