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Dear Ken and all,
You might want to try this with the ac turned off as when on that increases
the idle on mine slightly when cold.
On another note my 100 series '02 diesel 4.2 is only returning approx 17mpg,
it has 70k on the clock and this is without the aircon on. I don't really
see any improvement in the economy even on a long run, having only seen
19mpg once . The car runs as clean as a whistle, no smoke on start up and
none at all under hard acceleration. The only time you can see a slight haze
is at night in the rear view mirror under very hard acceleration. It doesn't
seem to lack power or acceleration if anything sometimes I am shocked how
fast it can be!
I have only owned it for 3 months and it has 2 years warranty left so it's
been back twice already for this problem, but they can't find anything
wrong. The power/ect switch for the gearbox doesn't seem to do anything
either, whether the two are related I don't know. The dash light comes on
when you select power/ect but I can't detect any change in the shift
patterns at all. The gearbox is fairly rough on changes under kickdown and
the other problem I wasn't happy with is a huge flat spot under acceleration
at 30-45 mph. It is almost as if the fuel is cut for a fraction of a second
then the car picks up again, it when it is changing down a gear that it does
this, any one elses car do this?
Looking forward to your comments.
Jon Rolls
2002 100 Series 4.2VX Auto - no extras yet apart from child seats!
On 5/3/08 15:49, "Ken Jordan" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
For what it's worth:
My 100 series is a 4.2 diesel, auto box, 75,000 miles (so same as yours)
I regularly monitor fuel consumption (based on mileage between fill ups) and
consistently get 22.5 - 23 mpg. My driving consists of local running around
with some field (agricultural) use plus longer distance motorway runs. About
10% of the time I am towing a 3.5t trailer (not normally laden above 2
tonnes). I rarely use the aircon. I generally drive hard (ish) and on
motorways at speeds which require me to look out for cameras.
You haven't, inadvertently, hit the "O/D Off" button (on the auto gearstick)
In the "old days" we would have just turned the pump down a bit but with
modern management systems that may not be an option.
I would lean more heavily on the dealer, long before the warranty is due to
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Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 4:16 PM
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Hi Jon
Can you explain how you still have a warrany on a 02 cruiser.
Smoke at the back when you push it is normal as its unburnt fuel.
Is it an Auto as you mention kickdown.
We seem to all have the flat spot, its to do with the function of the turbo
and the revs when it engages.
Then you feel the power come on.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
Mine gives me about 21-22 mpg (13 l/100km) on mainly small trips of 10 to
30 km. Occasionally up to 28 mpg (10 l/100km) on long trips without
speeding. 17 mpg sounds normal for US gallons. Have you checked the air
filter? Tyre pressure? (handbook specifies to low pressure) Does the
lock-up work?
Keep us posted.
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100, Auto, AHC, 2001; ex HZJ80
On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 17:16:20 +0100, Jonathan Rolls <[Email address removed]>