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Going to Billing

Roy Duffy

Apr 4, 2012
Country Flag
Ill be at Billing beside Goodwinch. Come along if you fancy a chat. Ill always do a great deal for fellow club members.
If I'd have know I'd have saved the postage on my recent airdown tool purchase, thanks for that Roy, it's just like the ARB one but £100 cheaper! :thumbup:
I'll be on the Northants 4x4 response stand with my 80, we've got an Adele impersonator singing on Sat night if you fancy a beer in good company pop over, we usually have a campfire burning into the early hours on the Sat night..hic:obscene-drinkingdr: (next to the mini LR track just up from the beer tent)

I hear rough n ready are next to goodwinch too, You might want to escape the riff raff :lol:
Hi Pete really glad you like the tire deflator! They are a great piece of kit. I do some really nice reverse and interior lights for your 80, if you have not all ready got them sorted. Ill sure try to pop over on Saturday for a chat!! Cheers Roy