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Good afternoon

Nuclear Chicken

Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2010

Afternoon all,

I have ventured over from another similar Forum to see what's going on here. Lots more by the look of it. ;)

I have a March 2004 LC120 LC5 with 79k miles on the clock. In the last 12 months of ownership I have replaced an oil seal (that was leaking before I got it) and the front brake calipers. The original calipers were from the 'bad' early ones. Currently the LC is running well and my next project is to replace a grumbling wheel bearing (also previously replaced before I got it). Just waiting on my parts from IR.

By all accounts they are good machines and well made and my previously poorly maintained and well abused motor is testamont to that. And was I glad of it this winter or what?
Welcome! Someone else to fill the 120 section.
See my post on there re new injectors :D :D
Welcome NC,

You'll find this site friendlier to use and no messing about and butting in with your posts from the moderators (within reason I assume though)
Get your pictures posted in the Garage threads !

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