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To get the best bargain when buying a GPS, do a google search, print off the
cheapest GPS you're interested in, and take it to your local GPS supplier. I
did this with the small blue Garmin e-trex last year, and paid almost half
the RRP in Tottenhamcourt Road, but you need to haggle a bit, Morrocan
style. They will come down in price. I need to search for the GPS site I
used - and will post it once found.
We use Touratech Map Software from Germany (Africa) on the laptop, and
Ozi-explorer. Autoroute is good for Europe.
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Hi all
I know this is off topic but I just wanted to celebrate the fact that at
last, Garmin is going to make it's hardware and software compatible with
Macs. No more will I have to borrow a PC or use that dreadful Windows
emulation software...
Probably doesn't affect anyone else so I'll just slide back under my lovely
Macbook Pro and Bluetooth myself into the weekend happy that at last I will
be able to get realtime mapping on one of my Macs.
HDJ81 with stuff plus a Garmin 276c when necessary.
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793
OS X for 5 years now and have never ran any anti virus software ;-)
Looking forward to it - or even better would be an iPod gps ;-)
I also use Mac and don't have a clue what is all about?
On Aug 11, 2006, at 10:18 PM, [Email address removed] wrote:
> OS X for 5 years now and have never ran any anti virus software ;-)