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Greetings from Ireland


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Mar 8, 2021
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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I have a 1998 LC Amazon that has been lying up for about 5 years after a relatively (thankfully) minor icy road related accident. However the engine bay was submerged in fresh water for a few hours and there are a few outstanding electrical faults which I am hoping to get sorted out this year and I also have a problem with a blocked exhaust and a flashing AHC light that won't go off and no suspension. The engine still starts up ok and it will ride (very bumpy). I will be asking for some help with stuff because I really am a newbie at this. I tried to get Techstream and a cable to read the diagnostics but couldn't get that to work. Also on the AHC thing, I would like to test the pump by applying voltage directly as I have seen that referenced a few times. If someone knows how to do that I'd appreciate a heads up, preferably with a photo. Nice to meet you all. Mick.