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  1. Gary Stockton

    Gary Stockton Super Moderator Supporter I am in zimbabwe

    Oh well, if you can't beat them, join them, I say :shock:

    Having moved from Zim at the behest of one dictator, and then to not-so-sunny Scotland at the behest of another (SWMBO ;) ), and to here at the behest of yet a third ( ;) ), a bit about me..

    Married to a Scot (yes, I know ..) with 3 daughters (yes, I know ...) and a serious need for low-range gearboxes ...

    I've been fortunate to have had 2 x 80 series Cruisers - both petrol 4.5 straight 6 beasts, and both owned where the fuel is cheaper and the sunshine brighter :D I really miss them - they were absolutely outstanding ...

    So now I have a 120 series - slowly undergoing open-heart surgery to make it a tad more capable of going overlanding, to go see the marvels of the road-less-travelled, wherever that may be, and a bit more suitable to carry the required load (including, I suspect, the dish-washer :roll: )

    However, I'm finding I have a hankering for a 2006 100 series turbo-diesel - fortunately the pockets aren't deep enough :twisted: But you never know ...

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