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Handbrake adjustment / heat build up.



John, good day sir,
Step one - print off this link -
It will explain the steps needed to correctly adjust the handbrake.
There are no shortcuts, follow it carefully.
As I recall the arms and pivot points on the backplate of your drums
and the handrake cable pivot points had all pretty much siezed up when I
had a look. Everything needs to be free to pivot and align itself when
the cable is pulled on. Take all the cable ends off and put some
copperslip or grease on the pivot pins.
Don't forget the equaliser pivot this must also be free.
Remember I had a look prior to Salisbury - the mud and pressure washing
will have done their worst - corrosion rapidly sets in - especially in
damp old Ireland.
The rubber caps on the ends of the stop bolts that contact the back
plate are missing on your vehicle, if you can get them, it is best to
replace them. You need to start the adjustment process with these
contacting the backplate, that's how I do mine.
Adjusting the clearance between the handbrake shoes and the drum is
critical. Too much clearance and you get a poor brake, too little and
you get binding / heat build up.
It is best to adjust one side at a time using the internal adjuster
until the shoes just bind on the drium, back the adjuster off a couple
of clicks then repeat for the other side. Then pull the handrake on to
centralise all the shoes. This latter step is important as it can often
slightly alter the setting. Then recheck the clearance and repeat the
process if required.
It took me several goes to get mine right.
The final step is to adjust the cable freeplay at the handbrake lever.
I have heard plenty of tales from people who have started by adjusting
the cable first - big error.
You know how steep the lane is outside my house - the handbrake will
hold my 80 and a horsebox on the lane.
Heat build up - Three sources - in no particular order -- Binding
handbrake, binding caliper, bearing problem.
Solution -- adjust handbrake, free off caliper, check for play / grease
- change bearing if required.
Good luck John.
Regards Gareth.