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Happy LC Owner


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Nov 27, 2020
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I purchased a 2017 Nautical Blue model new in July 2017. It is about to turn 60k miles and has been trouble-free so far (to be expected!)

Service history so far:
  • Oil/filter changes at 10K, 20K,30k, 40k, 50k and 55k. (20k, 40k and 50k were done by me.)
  • Rear pads and rotors at 30k
  • 4 tires at 35k (Cooper Discoverers, not recommended)
  • Front pads and rotors at 55K
  • New F&R wiper blades at 55k
  • Airbag recall service at 55k
  • 4 new tires at 57k. (For this set went with Michelin LTX's because they have a treadwear rating of 780. I hope to get to at least 100-120K with these)
Unfortunately due to Covid she's not being used much the last 8 months :(

Observations after three years of ownership:
  • The engine seems to be just broken-in now, it's a gem
  • Chassis feels like its built from a block of granite. No rattles, squeaks, etc. Well put together!
  • The ride is surprisingly plush. So plush that I wouldn't mind some stiffer springs.
  • 13.5 mpg overall (I knew this going in and is to be expected of a 5900lb truck)
  • Seats are very comfortable, and the leather is of very high quality
  • Steering is over-assisted
  • When loaded with stuff the chassis wallows at a bit at >70mph as if the rear shocks have lost their charge. At speeds higher it is out its comfort zone IMO. Too soft.
  • Headroom is tight for a driver >6'1". My hair hits the headliner sometimes.
  • Tows well. The heaviest tow so far has been a Farmall Cub on a HD 2-axle trailer (~2,600lb ) and it didn't even flinch.
  • No signs of corrosion, except for a touch on the hitch which I now clean and apply Fluid Film once per year
  • Switching to "2nd Start" turns off "Eco" mode while cruising but per the mpg gauge, mpg goes up. I thought it would be the other way around?
  • The sound system is excellent
  • The rear entertainment monitors are never used and they are obtrusive. If they can be temporarily removed without major surgery LMK!
  • This is a very rare vehicle - can go months without seeing another 200 on the road!
So far its been a great vehicle and is worth the $.

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