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Have I knackered air bags on my suspension?


Sep 7, 2021
I noticed about a fortnight ago that the passenger side was on the wonk. Wheel was pulling to the right, looked at the rear and the left rear was down, the drivers side was all the way up.

I didn’t drive it for a week as I had the option of another car. About 4 days after parking it up, I looked across and the passenger side left had grown - it had levelled itself out. I took that to be the height sensor sorting itself out. But I still didn’t drive it, I left it for a few more days.

Thursday and Friday I drove the car to work, Friday it seemed the suspension had decided to go on the wonk again.

Today (Saturday) I went to drive it to the shop. I noticed the rear of the car on both sides were right the way down. This isn’t unusual really, it’s done it for the whole 15/16 months I’ve had it.

I reverse off the drive, and I hear a clunk. I stopped, listened for any more noises and heard nothing. I’m having work done on the house and I thought I’d ran over some stuff by the skip. I go on the road, and I’m 200 yards from the house and I hear a clunk again. Just a bit louder, and it’s from the rear. I turn round and go home. This is what I find.



I am no expert on air suspension, but the bag on the right looks like it’s f**ked.

So on top of the two shock absorbers that are needed to stop the pogo-ing, and a height sensor (I assume) am I now on the hook for an airbag or two as well? I’m sure I have an invoice for air bags on this thing already. Not a recent one but definitely within the last 5-7 years.
Could you swap in coil springs and seats instead of air bags.
Maybe from a breakers yard, rather than buying new parts.
My airbag sensors failed so I took the choice to replace front and rear shocks and springs.
There is not much of a different if I be honest.
Expensive layout at first but in the long run no headache to worry about.