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head lights and all that



Hi Guys
Im in the process of trying out some sets of bulbs in my quest to find more
I have tried three sets so far and there all crap inregards to getting more
They do give out a normal amount of light but not what they claim.
One set claimed to give a super white light and had 60/55W with an arrow
pointing to 130/110W giving the impression that you get the latter for the
former, well you dont.
Another set, high performance up grade + 30% well I cant see it (get it).
Another set again plus 20% again they are whiter, but more light I dont
think so.
I have another set coming soon and will let you know but I have a feelling
im wasting my time and money but sure nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Just thought it may be of interest to you lot.
Im also going to try a set of spots that have 12 LED bulbs instead of a one
filiment bulb.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland