Headlight removal


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Mar 28, 2010
How do I remove the headlights? :oops: So far I've taken the front grill off, removed the three bolts I could see holding the headlight in place and removed the screw attaching the headlight to the sidelight. But is still won't come out. It feels like it's attached to the sidelight down below somewhere but I can't see where....?

It would appear I brought some water back from Salisbury plain with me. Looking at the light unit though, it looks like you can remove the glass and I assume improve the sealing around the light. Any tips would be very welcome.


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I am in uk
Mar 1, 2010
N Hampshire
there's 4 bolts in total- you need to remove the bottom plastic piece just below the headlight.

To remove the lens put the light in the oven on a very low heat for 10 mins or so- it will melt the glue. Be very careful trying to polish the reflector- i didn't manage it, despite only using compressed air and distilled water- still stripped some of the reflection off and made it hazy.
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