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Headlight upgrade


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Mar 6, 2019
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I have read through the preceeding queries and comments going back to 2014 and have seen the various problems encountered by the likes of Shayne with headlight replacement. The most recent of which seems to have been 4 months ago.

So, on the off chance that the technical advice has changed since then........

I am lucky enough to have the 7" Round headlights on my imported Prado, they work, are legal, but are not great when it comes to illuminating the way ahead.

I am open to suggestions as to upgrades especially from those with experience of same.

I run some H4 LED lights and they're fantastic. I had 55w HID's before and they were great too, but the LED's have a much better cut.
Thanks Giovanni, your suggestion is greatly appreciated. My only concern is that although they all seem good in the adverts, they may not measure up in reality. This is even more likely given the asking price of most of the lamps.

I am a miserable Scotsman, but if required I can be very generous and will gladly spend XXXXX on a proven quality headlight set up, rather than paying x on a possible dud.

But thanks for the suggestions anyway.
Thanks Beau, it looks like your suggestion is going to be the one to "tide me over" until I am convinced of a better combination.

Many thanks, Rod

You don't have a Prado mirror too, do you?
Just go for bulb upgrades i paid a fair bit for the ones i put in my 80 but they improved things a lot , philips i think nightbreaker or osram i can't remember
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If you get Osram Nightbreakers, make sure you get the 'Laser' ones. They've diluted the brand and you can get nightbreaker 'silver' or something and other types that aren't as good.
Thanks guys, your experience is what I was after.

I will invest in a new set of bulbs instead, far less bother and expense than spending several hundred pounds on a flash looking headlight set.
I have ordered a set of Phillips X-tremeUltinon LED gen2 bullbs and cannot wait to fit them. I may also splash out and invest in a new pair of headlamps as I see that Milner are selling new ones for a whopping £10 each.

So we are getting there, but would still love a mirror for just above the passenger headlight and another clip to hold the bouncing central console cubby lid closed.

A huge thanks to all above who stopped me doing anything too reckless and worthless.

I just wish that you had been around 10 years ago when I decided that a Disco was such a magnificent investment!!!!!
I got the bulbs, not cheap but have made a great difference to the view forward.

I also managed to get a funny wee mirror for the front of the nearside wing. It has filled the holes perfectly and works surprisingly well. I can now judge my distance to any obstacles directly in front of me to the millimetre.

However, I am still after a locking mechansim for the centre cubby box and a rear parcel shelf, for a SWB model.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance.
Hey @Rolexroz, I've just got a Prado and am looking to do exactly what you've just done with upgrading the bulbs in the headlights. Was it straightforward enough just popping in the new bulbs?
I used these: RW3372 Ring H4 Xenon 130 Performance Headlight Bulbs 12v 60/55w H4 P43t in my 1997 Colorado. Amazing difference and an easy upgrade. About £16 a pair on eBay
If the low beams are adequate, then how about adding foglights/driving lights and wiring them to come on with the main beam?
Have used both Philips Extremes and Osram Nightbreakers in various vehicles, oddly enough my 90 series never needed any upgrades though entirely possible the previous owner had stuck upgraded bulbs in.
Oddly enough it was when i bought the 120 series the standard lights were rubbish, nearly cleaned an unlit skip up one wet evening few weeks after purchase so ordered some Osrams the same evening, by far the most obvious difference in light output was in the 120.

Just out of interest for any lorry drivers out there, Osram offer upgrade bulbs in 24V, Truckmate i think they are called, have a pair in the lorry i drive, the dipped headlights were previously terrible, much better since.

Some say the upgrades don't last long, the ones i've used over many years in cars only had one failure, the ones in my lorry have covered 300k kms in 2 years and show no signs of failing so far.