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Craig H

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Aug 7, 2010
Holmfirth, UK
Hi Everyone,

I have been watching for a while, as I have been considering what sort of vehicle I wanted to build for Overlanding. Been looking at 80 and 90 series, but really want a manual as I am just not a fan of autos.

I have been on the look out for a diesel manual of either model for a while. Been looking at 1998 manual diesel 90 series with 123k today. I have checked all the usual stuff to look out for and overall it seems in pretty good nick. My only worry is that at idle - both hot and cold - there is quite a lot of vibration. The idle isn't lumpy and as soon as you give it a few revs it is smooth. Is the vibration at idle something to worry about or is it just idling to slowly? It is idling at about 700-800 revs.

Thanks for any advice in advance!



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I am in south_africa
Mar 22, 2010
Johannesburg, South Africa

Thats about the right amount of rev's at idle for a 90 . Mine sits at 700. 800 with the aircon running. You could always use the "Idle Up" switch to get rid of it :D

I'm sure someone will be along soon to give guidance about the vibration...

Andrew Prince

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Feb 23, 2010
Joburg, sunny South Africa
As you don't give a budget or any guidelines on space requirements, kitting out plans or total load, I'll dive right in and say get an 80! A '95-97 UK model diesel will be a manual 24V, front, centre and rear difflocks and will be unstoppable. There are quite a few options in terms of upgrading to heavier duty suspension and it's easy enough to DIY. Adding long-range fuel tanks, water tanks etc is all straight-forward.

The 90 is a bit smaller, less powerful and has IFS vs the SFA on the 80. IFS is a bit more difficult to upgrade the suspension on and the amount of lift you can get is limited without major work.

Both the 80 and 90 will do the job you want - it's more a question of load, nature of the route, budget etc etc.

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Gav Peter

Well-Known Member
I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
The Wirral, NW Ingerland
Re your vibrations, my wife's T reg Colorado does this - I find it vibrates more than my 80 on the occassions that I drive it but its passed its MOT's etc etc so I assume that its ok.

I wondered about engine mounts etc etc but as it keeps passing the tests & driving ok, I am not worrying about it unduly.

I'll let you know when the engine drops out though ;)
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