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Hello and looking for insight...70 series.


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Feb 4, 2023
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Hey all,

I'm dangerously close to pulling the trigger on a JDM import HZJ73, 190k ish miles, water pump, starter, timing belt, new ironman 2.5 lift and a few other things done, reported to run great. It's a little steep for me, as I'm new to the whole car game, but I kinda want to buy one truck to last me a long time. Will not "daily" it, but will run around town regularly, but will mostly use it for a few trips a year, up to possibly 2000 miles total, with some mild to moderate offroad stuff. More interested in covering ground in varied terrain and dependability than in going fast, building out a crazy overland rig, or doing any real crawling.

I know there are easier things, but I found a bit of a unicorn, and am mostly only interested in Short to mid wheel base stuff, the removable FRP is also very appealing.

Can this crew give me any insights about things I should consider, reasons this may be a great idea or a terrible one? Fairly new to working on cars, but have been a bicycle mechanic my whole life, so nothing I've come up against in the last year has been too daunting or weird for me.

thanks a ton for any insights here.