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Hello from a new subscriber



Hello all,
I have recently joined your mailing list and thought I should say
My name is Simon Darby and I live in South Devon, UK. I was a Land
Rover man for over 4 years until I got to the point of not being able
to keep spending so much money keeping it on (or off!) the road. I
loved the truck and had many adventures in it, the last of which was
to cross the Icelandic interior last Summer. What and experience! I
certainly intend to go again.... maybe next year.
Anyway, I am getting too nostalgic. My mechanic friend had nagged me
over the years to sell the Discovery and get a Land Cruiser, so when
I finally sold it, I bought an LJ70. I have had it 6 months and all
I have spent is one new tyre and a steering damper... Compared to
the Disco, it's very solid!
It runs the 2-LT (2.4TD) engine which I have to say, I find
underpowered. If I could get Disco levels of power out of it, it
would be very nearly the perfect truck! I thought about finding a
KZJ70 with the 3ltr lump, but with less than 400 in the country, that
is not easy...
Happy Cruising!