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Hello from Berkshire


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Jul 21, 2010
Your name:Warren
Mods on your Cruiser:None yet as I am looking for an 02/03 4.2 Diesel Auto
Plans for your Cruiser:Export it back to SA
4x4 Experience: Some from back in SA and a bit round the UK but keen to get into it.

If anyone knows of a Good 02/03 Diesel Auto FSH under 100 000miles not Black 100 Series going please do let me know.
Howzit going?

Welcome to the forum. Loads of very helpful people here, quite a few South Africans too.

Can't help with the 100 series but from when i was looking for my 80 i'd say ebay and autotrader are your best bets.

How long are you planning on being here? From what i know about exporting vehicles back to SA you need to own it for more than six months as well as live and work/study here for that long too.

Are you planning on using anyone to ship it back? I have spoken to the guys at springbok imports and they were really helpful. Turns out you can take back up to three vehicles. I plan on taking back a couple of SWB 70's to eventually sell, well at least one of them, when i get back. They are like hens teeth in SA. So it might be worth taking a couple extra vehicles back to sell. You will have to have them registered in your name in SA for two years though before you can sell. But considering how much cheaper they are here you could still make money out of it.


Thanks again for the reply its great to have found some fellow South Africans to chat with. I have been here in the UK for 10 years now and have had enough. I plan on heading back with the wife and child in 2012...that’s the plan anyway.

I have not yet spoken to the guys at springbok auto but have them on my list. I have spoken to a lot of other people and have a good idea as to cost and timings and would say you are looking at around £5k to get a car home and on the road.

Thanks for the advice on Autotrader and eBay I have been keeping my eyes open but nothing yet. I have found one that may be a contender but will need to take a look first.

Where about are you based?
Hi Warren,

Name is Erik and also in Berkshire and also a Saffa and also a landcruiser fan so as Ryan said there are a few of us about. I have a left hooker FJ100 which I picked up fairly cheap but with a bit of shopping round i am sure you can find something half decent. If you interested I would be happy to help out whereever possible. It is always good to meet people with similar interests and fairly local to.
I'm based in north London.

Just about 10yrs, :!: I don't think i'll manage that long. My wife and i have been here since mid 2008. We plan on being here a few more years. Plan is to head back to SA or possibly Namibia.

The guys at Springbok seemed very knowledgeable.

I can imagine that decent diesels are scarce. Was the same when I was looking for an 80. I ended up going with a petrol one with an LPG conversion. Fuel costs are about the same as having a diesel, if not less. Also when i do take it home i can just leave the LPG plumbing in and remove the tank. It's a fairly non evasive install. So leaving it in wont do any harm, therefore not really worth the hassle to rip it out.

I see you are going to lincombe, i'll have to sort you out a few beers for paying my toll fare on the way to Wales for that Happy Valley trip. :thumbup:
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Welcome Warren. Been here 10 years too ;) Also had enough.....mainly of the weather :lol:

I'm heading back in a few months. Driving the car down

I've been sorting out the import permits, SABS approvals etc. Point to remember is SARS states you must have a UK permanent resident permit in order to get a rebate of duties when you return. Seems like simply living and working here for x years is not sufficient for them. Spoke to someone recently who say they did not qualify despite working/living here for a number of years. :?
Thanks all for the kind words.

As you know I am looking for an 02/03 Diesel 100 Series with full service history and a good body and interior. It should also have under 100 000 miles preferably but believe that they are good for many more miles so long as its been looked after.

The same car here can be had for 12-14K where in SA would cost £25K+ so well worth the investment even after getting it home and putting it on SA plates.

I have enquired about insurance in SA and you would be looking at R780 for the wife and I with weekend 4x4 included per month.

Would love to drive it to SA but don’t have the time at the moment and the cost of getting it there with your stuff in the container is not so bad.

The wife a Czech citizen will be importing the car for me so no problem on the rebate of Duty.

I would like to spend £10 as every penny spent over will eat into the toys fund but happy to go to 12K for a good car which i think ive found based in Wales and only 50 miles from Julian of Overland Cruisers. I just need to get up to it too look at it as its 2 hours away and with a wedding in SA in MArch i seem to have my weekends full with planning things.

From what the guys at Springbok have told me the first vehicle you take is duty free, just a 15% ad velorum tax. Then your household can take up to another two, but then you will pay 40% import duty plus the ad velorum tax. Is this still the case or have they changed things. Also a point that Springbok imports made was that you needed to get multiple UK quotes in order to value the car for tax purposes. Of course if you go to the right dealerships they will no doubt give you rock bottom valuations.

I haven't looked into it for some time so it would be interesting to know if things have changed.
Hi Ryan

I havent looked into multiple vehicles and so on. I've only just started the process. I've read lots of conflicting advice on the web. Some say 12 months, some 6, etc. I've not taken too much notice as i've been here ages, and have permanent residence and am only taking 1 car.

The people I spoke to were not going to import their truck into SA as they were told they wont get a rebate as they didnt have permanent residence stamps.

I imagine the Springbok people have it right, but probably best to confirm with SARS :think: . Their email address is [email protected]
Hello Warren, and welcome - glad you made it across to here following our little confab at LCCSA! Hope you continue to get lots of advice, and find the truck you want - go look at the 100 section if you haven't already!

Lekker dag verder :p

Right it’s been some time coming and I have been lying low hunting/waiting for the right car to come along.

I am off to look at a 2003 5 speed Auto 100 VX 4.2l Diesel this Sat and wanted ant last thoughts.

It has 102000miles (165000km) on the clock
Had the Steering wheel motor replaced, a common problem
Had the rear AC pipes repaired due to a leak, a common problem
All windows go up and down no problem
No shuddering when braking
Diffs work no problem
AHC works well
MOT expires 18/08/2011
Tax expires 31/08/2011 (registered 01/03/2003 and falls in the current £245 band)
4 new tyres (Dunlop GrandTrek) fitted 19/08/09 @ 89,673 miles

Last full service 26/04/10 @ 99,846 miles (all fluids I stated before, brake fluid also changed, advisory on front pads that have now been done)

Last work done 20/08/2010 @ 101,972 miles (air con fixed, steering rake motor, front pads)

Two advises - will need rear discs/pads at next service and drivers side calliper inner piston boot seal has a split.

All for the sum of £14000

I might be able to get some pics up soon.