Hello from Essex.......


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I am in uk
Aug 10, 2010
Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
I've cut & pasted the template provided so lets see if I can get this right :)

My name is Steven & I've rescently purchased a 98MY 3.0TD SWB Colorado in bright red (well not so bright now) with 160000 miles on the clock :shock: But she was previousely owned by a mechanic & appears to be a very honest little truck that has been well looked after with many new components rescently fitted for example brakes & discs, clutch, starter motor, master cylinder, hand brake cables, battery, shocks, tyres, etc. She is very light on mods @ this moment in time only sporting a set of 265/75/16 Avon A/T boots but my future plans are for a set of 285/75/16 boots a body lift a snorkel & some jackable rock slidders. I've always run with Cooper Discoverer STT's & would be very happy with these again but I'm very interested in the new KM2's & if I can find someone else running with these in my choosen size I may well go this way :D My 4x4's are just toys that I use for greenlanes & three or four pay & plays each year & when not in use for off roading get used as a second family car running the kids about & poping to B&Q the dump etc so I don't need & or aspire towards a winch challenge/overland vehicle but that's not to say I don't mind reading & talking with others about theirs. Before the cruiser I've owned two Suzuki Vitaras over a five year period the first being a 95MY 1.6 JLX SE Bushwacker soft top & the second a 01MY 1.9 JXTD commercial both with 31" Cooper STT's, Calmini 3" suspension lift & Bits4Vits body lifts. I do miss the commercial very much :cry: she was & is a great little truck :)

Now what else.......Ah........(what mods do you plan to make to it?)......Ooops...already covered that :roll: :)

4x4 Experience: Right well been doing Pay & Plays & green lanes for 5 years now I've done the Ford @ Fernaux Pellham, The Broomway across Maplin sands & up onto Foulness Island crossed the tidle river @ Alresford creek, been to the Indoor 4x4 show for the last 3 or is it four years now :? Got some pics of other members trucks on my PC from there 'Chris & Lil Blue' & there was a silver SWB there this year that I took some snaps of (I do like wandering around the car park @ that show it's great) :?:

I have a YouTube channel you can find with the same user name as on here sae70 with 18 Vids if your interested in seeing some of my off road exploits & my two Vitaras, may I recomend Alresford creek if you want to see how British Iam :lol:

Thats enough for now I think :) Don't want to bore you all :oops: I hope to have a long & pleasent relationship with you all




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I am in great_britain
Mar 2, 2010
Wirral, GB
Hi Steven, I've browsed a few of your vids in the past on youtube. Thought the name looked familiar! You'll find me under the username "jimbozuke" if you're interested, there's a couple of green laning vids on there but none of my old zuke's unfortunately. My first car was a '92 SJ413 Samurai which my bro and I heavily modified, and I had a '96 Vit sport for a while for more sedate green laning and the odd playday.

Welcome to the fold, see you round the forums.

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