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Hello from Lockdown


New Member
Jan 18, 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I'm going nuts during lockdown. Not working, homeshooling etc. So I thought I would join the club - thanks for having me.

I love my 2017 Landcruiser 150 (straight out the box) and am in need of some advice as I am feeling frugal but want to get the thing a but more off-road ready and rufty tufty looking. Firstly 265 60 18 wheels - My back tyres (Dueler HT's) are going but my fronts are quite new. I'm about to put on some used BF Goodrich (same size) and try and wear fronts and back in unison. I want a bit more traction as doing quite a bit of offroad on farm tracks, fields etc. I know the pitfalls of having different size tyres but as long as the BFG's are in good nick should be ok?

Next up what tyres shall I get next - 265/65/18 BFG and stick them on the same wheels which would be the cheapest option?

Or do I do the whole thing and get 17 inch wheels, bigger tyres and a 2inch lift - be quite expensive though wouldnt it - what size tyres should I get as don't want to go mad 285/70/17 or 275/70/17 - what fits without lift?

Thanks in advance for any advice.