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Hello from South Carolina


New Member
Mar 24, 2023
I’m Zac, and I bought an LX470 100 series equipment last year for moderate off roading and overlanding, plus hunting. So far I’ve baselined the fluids and filters, and added a platform to the rear cargo area so it can be slept in with the middle seats folded. Next up are full skid plates, a front bumper, sliders, and lights. Eventually I’d like a roof top tent and awning, but I’ll make so for now. Uncommitted to a winch because I don’t do rock crawling, and usually don’t travel alone to areas I am not familiar with.

After coming over from a 3rd Generation 4Runner I have to admire how stout this Lexus is. The 4Runner was great and very reliable, and the rear locker helped it be very capable. But this LX will go unlocked places that the 4Runner had needed the locker. And it’s much more comfortable with the better seats and AHC (which I need for my disabilities). So no plans for a lift, and I know it means sticking to 33” tires, but that is enough for me.