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Hello; help buying - auto or manual ?



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Subject: [ELCO] Hello, help buying - auto or manual ?
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I am planning to buy a new Land Cruiser (the spec I have looked at and can afford is LC4 5DR D-4D 8s) but I am stuck on the deciding between manual or automatic.
Auto seems to be popular in UK but I am based here in Spain and manual seems to be more favoured and when I asked the dealer about auto he just
shook his head and muttered 3 / 4 months for delivery - I can wait, that's not a problem.
I will use the car off road to get to some of the more remote places and
beaches. Rough unmade tracks/terrain, no real steep hills. I go to Fuerteventura often on the ferry and there the tracks are soft sand. Day to day I will be rural road driving, no motorways here.
I have owner auto and manual transmission cars and quite happy with using either.
Should my decision just be personal preference or are there other factors I should consider? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the
Thank you
Lanzarote, Spain
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Hello Amanda, I own a Landcruiser LC4 120 series, manual 5 speed
gearbox, D4D common rail 3 ltr diesel engine, bought in March 2004
Up to press it has covered about 26500 miles and is doing an average of
27.32MPG. I have kept a log off all the fuel it has used since new, on a
Long run I get 30+, on short runs and pulling the odd trailer about
The car has never given us any problems and nothing phases it.
Last May I towed a trailer and mini digger about 2.5 tons down to Malaga
Spain, the car just eat the journey.
This years models come with 6 speed manual or 5 speed auto gearboxes and
all 4D4 engines are fitted with intercoolers from the factory.
Hope this is of interest regards. Dick Valentine.
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