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Hello World :)


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May 12, 2022
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Cruiser: 1999 KZJ95 400K KM

My first Toyota or Japanese car in 20 years, bought it in Jan 2022 for almost $10K and that is considered cheap in Israel. I got it as a dooms day vehicle but found out that the legendary icon is not so robust after all despite many listed with more than half a million kilometres on the odometer. Even the heroes got issues...

Already 'bricked' it by trying to flush the engine by running it with diesel for about one minute... Oil pressure dropped and after opening the oil pan (adventure on itself) i found the balancer shaft thrust washer pieces. After opening the front cover found out two out of the three balance shaft bearings twisted and out out their cavities, rolled up on the shaft.

I am currently in the process of overhauling what was a prefect engine with 411psi compression before my very wrong over carrying disastrous activity.
Despite the fact that i am totally craving (i even miss the sound, see video below) to the enjoy driving this car again, i have decided that i will fix it slowly and completely without shortcuts so i can better enjoy it later cause it's not my daily anyway...

My mid-term plans are :
- Insert new balance shafts bearings
- Redo the bottom end
- Replace rings
- Send the head to a shop to make sure it's flat, test for valves sealing , replace valves stem seals
- Replace injectors
- Rebuild Turbo

- Transfer chain
- Poly bushing
- Diff, Transfer oil change

- DIY Reupholster all seats in grey leather and learn how to do it in the process.

Long-term plan is to convert it to a one Tesla EV motor powered by an approx. 80KWh battery charged from my solar panels.


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