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Mar 4, 2010
HI all

Thanks for the invite Paul (aka Busaboy).

Got a nice 1994 VX manual pretty much one owner from new (one fella 12 odd years, and his uncle who lives next door the 3 prior to that).... all the bills, receipts, tax discs, MOT's service history. Bog standard, and never off roaded until I got my mits on her.

Been slowly making her more capable. Easy tweaks and servicing I do. Bigger stuff I run her down to Julian @ Overland Cruiser and spend hours talking to his legs protruding from my truck. I used to want to muck in and help him, found out he works even faster solo. So I do whatever grunt work he might give me, to let him stuff focussed on the clever stuff.

She still takes my breath away off the beaten path which is where i prefer to spend my time. Prefer the rocky forest paths and tracks to the slippery muddy stuff. A little advanced thought and prep before the obstacles and she potters over them. I've hopped out a few times now to take a nice set of pics, of the scenery and truck, and fallen on my butt because it's so slippery and steep. And she's sat their burbling away clinging to the hill like a damn goat.

On my 6th cruiser now. Long story, at one point in and around 1996 I had 3 at the same time, all Japanese imports (my business was importing vehicles), all gunmetal grey and all stunning.

Looking forward to further engaging with the usual suspects.

From my initial wander around the forum that with continued contribution we can make this an even nicer place to contribute and learn.

Peace to you all.