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New Member
Jul 13, 2010
Hello Everyone,
I am Jason from North Wales. I have never subscribed to a site like this before. I am also fairly new to LCs. I've had my 80 for a year now it replaced a newer Range Rover that loved eating disposable income. It is a 140k mile GS and pretty standard. It is used daily and I can regularly get 400 miles out of a full tank. I have not done anything serious in it but would like to try. I have a fairly good knowledge of cars and repairs in general but know very little about LCs I will have to learn as things break or wear out.
Hi Jason!
Welcome to the club - your choice of vehicle seems very sound :mrgreen:
You'll find plenty of info on the 80!

Hello and welcome Jason

You have come to the right place for info on your motor.

Forums can become quite addictive once you are in. There is so much to learn.
Hi Jason,
Yout first two steps were good ones, you bought an 80 :cool: and joined the forum :romance-grouphug: , welcome.
Welcome Jason, and I'll be the first to ask... :banana-gotpics: :text-worthless:
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Welcome Jason

I'm in north wales 2 or 3 times a month. be happy to catch up with you sometime.