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Am awash in a sea of incomprehensible Cruiser-speak. I am trying to buy a couple of cars, and I Keep thinking that I have got the right model numbers, then someone points out a fault with the flibbertigibbetpoopoo control...or something like that.
I need proper model numbers for a Cruiser as follows:
diesel, 6 cylinder, manual transmission, 4 door passenger, left hand drive We definitely do not need power locks, windows, coffee makers, etc. The mechanics over there can't fix it anyways!
I thought it was a HDJ81 - but someone just told me that is a turbo, and the throttle is oversensitive, and it wouldn't be great for off-road. Now I have been told I need an HZJ81 to get a non-turbo.
I thought a 77 series did not have 6 cylinders or 4 doors, but apparently they do. Does anyone know what the model number would be for a 77 with the above qualifications?
This is for off-road guiding in Ethiopia.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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As far as I know all of the 80 series cruisers were turbo'd, the
HDJ and the HZJ, both 80 and 81, so were a lot of the 70's. One of
mine is a 1991 7? series and it is turbo'd. To get a non turbo one I
think you have to go back to a 60 series and they were rotboxes. All
of the later version of the 80 series 1995-98 (early) in this country
were automatic.
Probably the best choice for you is to accept a turbo and get it
re-built before you use the car much. The 80 series is probably the
best choice but a 78 series troopy would come a close second, and have
more space in for kit. The 78's are still used by the UN as
ambulances, amongst other things.
One more thing. The 80 series, including the HDJ81, are awesome off
road. They are loved by the Australians for their off road bush trips.
Clive Marks
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The HZJ is non-turbo, and whether it's called 80 or 81, it's still the
80-series. The HZJ models came with the 1HZ engine, which is without a
turbo. I believe that any HZJ with a turbo is aftermarket fitted.
The 70-series model numbers are not so familiar to me....
As an apropos:
When I bought a LC 80 new directly from Toyota Motor Company in Japan in
1997, they didn't want to sell me an HDJ (with turbo) because it was for
delivery to the Middle East. That was the TMC Africa Division I was
dealing with then. The understanding was that the turbo was too sensitive
for the environment. It also came with a two-stage fuel filter and a
cyclone airfilter with a sand cup under! The tyres were 7.5 x 16 on
split-rims. It had part-time 4wd and differential locks front and rear.
The model code was HZJ80L-GNMEX, which is a GX grade. You probably need a
Standard grade, although the cloth upholstery of the GX is nicer than the
plastic on the standard.
Ugo Hu, Oslo, Norway
HDJ100, Auto, AHC, 2001; ex HZJ80
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