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Hi all,
We at the LandcruiserClub of Southern Africa, www.landcruiserclub.co.za do
not believe much about ASW says on his site. Look on our website and do a
few searches under tyres, and you'll find a lot of useful info on tyre
sizes, pressure, tread patterns and links to tyre size calculators etc.
my 2c
2004 79series 4.5EFI Landcruiser double cab, OME, Ranchos, Firestione
airsprings, ARB and lots more.....
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Sixplugs - nice user name.
I had a quick look at the 4xforum, nicely laid out site, certainly lots of
information, some looked useful but at times the tone and some of the
information jars, to be honest I stopped reading after the text below on
engines. The information pages are not particularly well written, rambles
and is very opinionated, makes me appreciate the multi-author format of
lists and forums. That said, ASW knows far far more about 4x4 driving than
me and should get credit for putting the information together.
"Like petrol engines, diesels are controlled by micro-processors. This is
good and bad. It improves reliability and tuning accuracy. It also means
that power output can be increased by the simple matter of adding a computer
=91tuning chip=92. Another advantage of a turbocharged engine is that altitude
has less effect on performance than it has with a normally aspirated engine.
Malcolm Bagley
Stafford UK
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
www.landcruiserclub.co.za do
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Re> Take a look at this website
Thanks for that
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