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Hey Fellas, I own an 80 series.


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Apr 8, 2017
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Not sure if I introed myself here before. But here it is. I bought an already "built" 80 series off of IH8MUD over a year ago, reason being is it was built good to go ready to travel. BUT the build I bought was done 6yrs prior and the truck changed hands 2 times and the last 2 owners drove it, and didnt maintain it. so Ive gone through everything sometimes twice. heres a look at one of my last 30 day trips from boston to moab and back, I dont trailer.
We actually have some main highways like that in the UK. That's why we need 80's and a better government.

Sounds like a bit of Jane's Addiction playing in the background. Cool toons, cool ride. Welcome. More please.
You have intro’d on here before Richie, welcome back!

I’ve been subscribed since then and not at all envious of the tracks and locations available to you... :eusa-liar:

Perfect truck for what you do, 80s rule!

Yep, enjoy it while it lasts... sadly there’s no stopping where its going...