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hi all



I've been away from any LC 80 lists for a while (about 2-3 years), but
am now returning.
My name is Renate and I have a White 80 1HDT 1991, it has been modified
a little for a desert environment and has had a few changes like heavy
duty shocks and springs, a TJM single spare wheel carrier (I'm
interested in any information from any of you as regards making a single
spare wheel carrier into a double one), and am also looking for a
reasonably light-weight but quite substantial roofrack for carrying
extra fuel, wheels/tyres or rooftop tent.
I use my TLC for trips into the Sahara (Libya and Algeria) and have
ideas of travelling into other places in the sahara too. I am an
archaeologist & anthropologist, a doctoral researcher, artist and
writer, with a bent towards conservation
Hope I get a few list members from Europe too,