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Hi From South Africa, JHB

Neal Guthrie

New Member
Mar 8, 2010
Hello From South Africa!!
Name is Neal and i live in Johannesburg.
i drive a 1889 FJ62 witch will under go a tranformation in the next few months... I cant wait!!
not married but have a beautiful Girlfriend called Holly and i am an assessor by proffession.
i hope to lean more about my Land Cruiser 62 and make some new friends and Lean more, not only Cruiser related, but in general.
my hobbies are Cycling, Land Cruisers and Archery.

see ya on the threads!!

Welcome to the forum Neal.

We are gathering quite a crowd on this forum :D :D
Um.... that's, I drive a 1989 not a 1889.... :shock: :lol:
thanks for the welcome, hope to chat soon.
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Howzit, Neal!
Welcome to the club - good to have the influx of fellow Africans joining us "Souties" based in the UK (oops, I hope I don't get modded for that :oops: )

And here was me thinking i was the furthest south :lol:
Sorry Paul....
even if i said i was from North Africa id still be lower down than you are.... wait... can i say that here??? :twisted: :lol:
Thats true :cool:

Might get down there one day.
always welcome Paul.
if you do, let me know and we'll do some trails and a B&B ( a gathering we South Africans refer to, meaning we ge together for Beer & BS speak.)