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Hj60 1984 original h2 engine and lots of body rust and surface rust on chassis but very exited to begin the project.

Restored Troopy

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Jun 19, 2021
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just dived into this hj60 project after years of searching for on in the uk, I need new bumpers - does anyone have any for sale if so please drop me a message.

Also shall I get it repainted or bubble wrap.


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What’s your source for parts buddy- is it cruiser world in Netherlands or more local?
So far I've I've repaired body panels myself. I was lucky that my second one I got was mot d and came with 6 boxes of spares of various sorts. Other parts have been from Andy lomas who's on here. Kinda the go to guy for 60 series. Theres also a guy in Halifax on Ebay called gran I believe who breaks them.
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Thanks gav, it’s also come with a box of parts and is complete but apparently had the bumpers stolen so that’s my first part to find, I’ve found a battered one in Pakistan and that will set me around £600 with shipping but I did contact the Halifax chap and he said he only has a rear one. Might be cheaper to get one fabricated perhaps.

This one is a real gem, last owner had it in a sea town in the south of England for 17 years hence the surface rust and I hope it throws little surprises, the old boy part exchanged it to the chap I brought it from who didn’t wanna dive into the project as he had other commitments.

If you want a third one then perhaps this might be the one for you and it saves me doing it up.

Engine is sweet and no smoke and also runs first time every time I am told, their is a oil leak which may just be a loose gasket or seal and should hopefully be a few hours Labour to fix when doing the servicing.

See the engine photo - original and never touched by the looks of things -


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No I have enough on my plate with the trucks I have thanks. I might have a front bumper I'll have a look for you. Think it was minus end caps though
Will do. Pay the postage and make a donation to cancer research and it's yours mate.
I'll get the better half to email you later and sort details . I'm useless at that sort of thing.
Babies and cruisers are the exception Gav Oh and BBQ