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HJ60 switches


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Aug 28, 2022
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Hi everyone.
My green beast is now more or less mechanically sorted. Now starts the horror story that is the electronics. It's nigh on 40 years old and there has been some serious butchery there. First step is to start stripping out all the junk and fixing the broke stuff. Bringing me to my question.

I am looking for some switches for a 24v HJ60, rear demister switch and antenna switch.

Short of buying at considerable cost from Australia there doesn't seem to be anything I can get in UK /EU. Does anyone have anything that might work?

Open to ideas or even the inner dashboard panel if it comes with all the switches.
Cheers John
Try Gran in Bradford or Cruiser World in Holland they will have what you need
Hi Hemi,

Who is Gran in Bradford? I'm new to the Toyota thing and whilst I know CruiserWorld I don't know the other one.
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Is this what you are looking for? I'm not sure what the "antenna" switch is though.
Hi, yes I can make that work I think. Mines LHD so the reverse of this but it's the switches I'm interested in. I suspect the antenna is an aftermarket thing. Not bothered by that as radio etc is being ripped out as part of the clean up.
Not having bought anything previously through this forum how would you like to do this?
It depends on if your car is a ULP or deasil because the wiring is completely different in Petroleum and a deasil Land Cruiser.