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Holy sheet

:o I wouldn't like to do that on a windy day, hang on, I'll rephrase, that I wouldn't like to do that on ANY day :angry-nono:
Yum! :drool:

The higher, the better. :thumbup: I used to repair cranes, love the heights (Never that bad though! :cry: )

Does make the legs tingle though!
If the boss comes up to talk to you while you are working

you can bet it's not gonna be good :shock:
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...if a storm is brewing there is no quick way down

Altogether "OH YES THERE IS!"

Now for those who bang on about Elf n Safety, this is what it was invented for. I would rather beg on the streets than do that. I don't mind heights, it's dying that I am averse to. The least they could do is give them a parachute. I did the Pamper Pole once on one of those team building days. I was only 30ft up and I nearly died of fear climbing on the bird table at the top. Like I said, it's not the height, it's the fear of falling and I was roped on. I bet they all weigh about 6 stones!

That is not only insane, it's immoral!

I never used to be scared of heights but that just wasn't fun. Donating body parts for a living has more appeal than doing that job :scared-yipes:
No way Jose! I've parachuted at night into the sea, but they can bugger off if they think i'm doing that!

Where's the proper Para....Greg!
No way would be 'up' for that - free-fall, yes - free climbing - no thanks :sick:
i'm not scared of heights - it's the ground that worries me.seriously even clipped on that i fear would be too much for me.
I like to think there isn't anything I wouldn't do just because of fear, but that......... :?

First time I've ever experienced symptoms of vertigo whilst sat at ground level :shock:
ME TOO!!! I was lucky not to fall out of my chair at a couple of points!!!
I was coming out in a cold sweat and doing 5 points of contact (including teeth :D) just watching it.

HERE'S another one, I wouldn't fancy 50,000 volts up my jacksy either :o look an that 'ground rod' spark as the helicopter moves away :o
I use to switch 11Kv and earth it down, when you racked out the switches you could hear the arcing, I most certainly gave it a lot of respect :mrgreen:
I tend to use my IPhone to keep up to date on the Forum. Problem is it will not show videos like this. So when I came in tonight I thought I would look to see what the fuss was about.

Like many on here I have had various jobs, amongst others I have worked high steel in the USA and I used to think fun at the weekend was free climbing cliffs.

Then I watched this, I genuinely had to sit down. What in the name of all that is Holy would possess anyone to do this.