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HZJ 75 axles onto BJ70 - help needed!


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Nov 17, 2016
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Hi all,

I have a BJ70 with disc fronts and drum rears on leaf suspension and am wondering if axles from a more recent HZJ75 Troopy with leaf springs and disc brakes all round will bolt straight up? Interested in the disc brakes and rear ff axle. Are the front discs larger too?

Cheers Chris
Check facebook 70 owners group Australia if no one here knows, those guys are always doing stuff like that. Sounds like a solid upgrade!
Is not the track different?
IIRC You may have to go 16" rims too
No, I haven`t done all my homework prior to posting those statements...
So far it appears that the rear will bolt straight up but the front is a no go. I can get the axles quite cheaply hence the desire to upgrade...
This post from back in January: Exciting news! I managed to pick up a 75 series free floating axle with disc brakes that should bolt straight up... Rebuild and fit pics to follow.

Started on the rebuild of the axle. It's taken me a few weeks. I started by cleaning up the axle using the pressure washer and hose.
I then started to pull it all apart. The axles were on tight so I used a few HT bulbs from Bunnings. The nuts were also used to remove the axle studs.

The rotors on both sides were very rusty. Lots of crap in the hand brakes too. I cleaned everything up with a wire brush in the drill and then etch primed and painted with Satin Black Metalshield. Should offer some protection.
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I bought a heap of parts off ebay and from Repco. In a cruel twist of fate only the repco parts were wrong so the brake rotors have to go back. Assembly begins:


I saw a cool post on using old bearing races with a slit cut through them to seat the new races. It worked really well.
once the races and bearings were in it was time to put it all back together.

Unfortunately this was as far as I got as I realised Repco gave me the wrong brake rotors, for a post 96 Landcruiser. The axle is from a 92 HZJ75. More to come...
I finally got the right rotors, 68mm total depth. Now I'm really stumped. I can put the rotors on but can't get the calipers
in place. I've compared calipers and they are identical to the old ones so that's not the problem. I've looked at the Toyota rear brake rotor catalogue and the next size up is 103mm depth which is too much. I'm thinking that the hub/axle is somehow not seated properly? See the photos. Is this possible? Any help appreciated.
The only thing I can think of is that the inner oil seal is not seated properly and thus not allowing the hub to sit far back enough on the axle. Is this possible?