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HZJ-78 Pre-heat light and oil level light stay on


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Oct 11, 2015
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As mentioned in the title, the pre-heat and the oil level light stay on.
1. Pre-heat light
When I turn the key half way the ignition, the pre-heat light comes on and goes out after a few seconds.
This is pretty normal behavior I think.
But then, once the engine is started, after a few seconds, the pre-heat light comes on again and stays on.
Not what it is supposed to do I guess.
Where do I start with troubleshooting ?

2. Oil level light
Even though there is enough oil in the engine (I tripple checked), the light stays on all the time.
Where do I start with troubleshooting ?

Thanks in advance.
Im no expert but id check wires in and out of glow plug relay, and also test you havn't got continuous power on the glow plug rail once its running or even with ignition off. could be faulty relay. oil level light is probably faulty sensor/ switch or just a broken wire,