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HZJ75 pick up purchase



Looks like a very rare beast you have there and I can only assume its an
import of some kind.
As far as I know (and WJ will surely put me right here) the HZJ engine was
not imported into Europe by Toy, for retail anyway.
Depending on the model year there were a variety of engines put in the 75
and the HZ appeared for a short time - though there are some others on
lists elsewhere who would disagree. But I have had an office fleet of 75
troopies and they all had an engine identical to my HZJ80 !!
But where I live we see all sorts and they were sourced from various places
in the emergency that prevailed in the late 90's.
The HZJ engine is very dependable mainly coz the cambelt only drives the
cam and nothing else. As for the retro fitted turbo, I make no comment but
maybe the 80scool Oz list may help with that one. Frankly I wouldn't bother
with a turbo with the power the old girl puts out when all injectors etc
are in good nick.
Can't remember the web address but google the following..........
Toyota Land Cruiser Frequently Asked Questions List
And most of your questions will be answered in the 350+kb biography of the
Any more info required then log-on to .......
Using both these sources you have more information on your 80 than most
average partsmen, except of course the distinguished specialist
contributors to this list.
HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia