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Ignition switch trouble ( plz help )


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Feb 25, 2023
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Hi I’m wondering if anyone could tell me what this wire connected to the ignition switch is and what it does , I’ve just got my 90 passed it’s mot after 3 months off the road changing a clutch , rebuilding the rear axle and lifting it only for it to ( after driving it twice !!!!) jam the key up , I’ve got the switch off and it will turn over but not start , I then unplugged the wire shown and it would start and run for about 5 secs before shutting off.


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I think that would be the immobiliser coil. You can prove this if you look for the security light on the dash with the car off and key out. This should be flashing. The flashing should stop the instant you insert the key.

If this doesn't happen then the immobiliser will be active and you'll be able to crank but it won't fire injectors and hence won't start.
I'm gonna upset you by saying i will bet your key is so slightly bent that you can't even tell and your local cobblers can prob cut another for a fiver .
Sometime my genius … it creates gravity , however not this time , after inspecting the key it is indeed bent , never noticed it before but there ya go , ended up getting annoyed and drilled the old lock out so that I could jam the steering lock off and use it , then made a “new” ignition out of an older tractor ( friends call it a professionally done bodge)


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