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Import 200 series from Japan to UK


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Dec 16, 2014
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I miss my 80, but Mrs Womble doesn't - so i am seriously considering a 200 series import from Japan. Partly to get one that is low on corrosion and partly because UK prices are a bit keen at the moment. Does anyone have any general advice on buying a 200 in the UK or on importing from Japan?

No experience from Japan, a friend used a company in Newcastle to import his two FJ’s and liked them. BHP imports I think.

I imported from Dubai so can help you with info from there if you change tact
I bought a 200 in the UK. It's a brilliant truck and I'd echo what Chris Harris says about his in his recent review.

My main advice is to take a torch and have a crawl around underneath. I saw two or three that looked perfect on the outside but were pretty rusty underneath.

It's big, comfortable and wafts around effortlessly. Other than muddy fields which it shrugs off with aplomb, I haven't taken it off road but apparently the crawl control is excellent.

I think the post 2012 ones with the round foglights had a few upgrades from the older rectangular fog lights so it may be worth holding out for one of those.

The only downside is that it has a thirst for fuel - about 22mpg.