Jun 10, 2010
Dubai, U.A.E
This isn't really a usefull post but wanted to share my joy and enthuiasm.

I went out earlier on down one of my most used byways, very easy but the scenery is nice and it brings you out at a nice pub, but I'd seen on the map that there is another byway not far that I hadn't been before so I set off in search of that.

I eventually came to what I thought was it and turned in.

Today was the first time I thought it won't do that and it did.

My 80 with poor road tyres managed to get up a very steep (steep for me anyway!) gradient in a forest on soft earth and tree ruts, and having to steer to avoid the tree stumps. I was so impressed, got most of the way up and had to engage the front lock diff to get any further but eventually it just wouldn't go anymore. Once I get my new tyres and rear diff sorted I'm certain it will get to the top.

Going down was so easy, low ratio first gear and it just crawled down, had to use the brakes now and again to slow to get around a tree stump for descend a bit of a drop.

I was so genuinely impressed at what it managed to do. I wish I got a video for you, it was probably very obvious to you chaps that it would get up but being that I'm not very experienced with the 80 I wasn't sure if it would go or not. My Grand Cherokee would have without a doubt not managed it or at least it would have damaged it, the Nissan Patrol I had before would have had the power to get itself up very easily.

This Toyota is the first car I've had in a long time that I really enjoy that I totally didn't expect too, my last car was a total disapointment and this LC is absolutely great. Unlike me I actually can't wait to spend money putting new tyres, sliders, bumper, new acuator, on it.



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Mar 31, 2010
Currently, Perth Australia
give it some more on that throttle....

I am sure you would have gotten to the top...

Road tires and only the CDL..... oh yes and plenty of acceleration... :D

It gets everywhere.... you'll keep being impressed I am sure...
Enjoy owning the greatest truck for trucks...



Jun 10, 2010
Dubai, U.A.E
Just to update this thread...

I took my 80 to Slindon 4x4 yesterday and I'm even more impressed with that it can do. No climb was too steep the only problem was it's too long for some of the crests hence why my side steps are ruined.

BFG Muds worked really well in the forest, gravel and on mud. The locking diffs means it can go and some pretty unusual angles and still keep on trucking.

The chaps I went with are all LR guys and they where very impressed with the 80, one of the guys I went with had a Pajero JR which is a tiny little offroader with a 1.1 engine but it went everywhere, it just skips over stuff.

I'm glad that by pure luck I ended up with this 80!
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Feb 26, 2010
Hi James,

hence why my side steps are ruined
This made me laugh: The side steps on my first 80 met their fate at Slindon too, that was about ten years ago and I haven't missed them for a moment.

This might be a good time for sliders before your sills end up looking like mine.

All the best,
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