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In Car iPad


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Mar 5, 2010
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It turns out that the 3g ipad also sports a GPS chip. I'm salivating at the thought already.

A couple links to be going on with...


CoPilot ... -04290545/

MemoryMap already do an iPhone app so it would seem likely that they will produce an upscaled version for the iPad.

It would be great if Garmin were to launch an ipad app so that long distance overlanders can benefit too. I doubt that garmin will play ball though as they will probably fear that it would eat in to their hardware sales.

Apple usually produce closed devices so it might be a problem get gps tracks into the thing, unless somebody comes up with an app for that too.
I have been hoping it might turn out like this, I think it might make an awsome in car PC
I am watching this space with interest, but I am not a early adopter... hate having to test companies equipment for them if I have already paid them :roll:
Can it do more than one thing at a time? :lol:
The multitasking limitations are a bit of an issue, but if it is like an iphone it will allow for audio playing at the same time as using an application.

I expect in time that there will be an jailbreaking proceedure which will allow users to step outside of apple's walled garden.
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I think you would be better off going with any of the new windoze tablets coming out. HP have a nice one soon. Possibly an Archos if you want to spend the money. They all run windows 7, at various speeds.

While apple products are good at what apple products do, I think you would still need a windows product if you wanted to use it for maps. There are many many applications for windows, not that many for apple?