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Information on The Pyrenees.



Hey There Mik
I thought you were in Billing now. I found your little model of the 80
cruiser searching through a lot of info on my Pc. Im terrible when it comes
to filing or remembering where I put things. Now the only thing is it in the
states and you can see it on the S O R site for $24.99 hope this helps.
You have a good memory yes we were in Andorra but this was at a time I hate
to say it I was a car driver, yes I am ashamed but at least now im a
cruiser wantabe but getting there. The area around the pyrenees is really
great if you want to climb the mountains that is with the cruiser, very
stee, bendy and narrow roads for most of it. Im sorry I dont know of any off
road sites but going into Andorra itself is nice, should be lots of snow
there, so be careful. When we were there it was summer and the campsite we
stayed in was only open up to Sept not after, but if you want it I will
trace it up for you. There is a french camping organisation called sorry
cant remember but I can get it for you. Also if you try and get your hands
on all the free brochures that the camping places like Eurocamp, Keycamp,
Campotel, Haven, Eurosites, Venue, Homair, Canvas, Matthews, French freedom,
Yelloh, Hello France, and there are many more in the UK. See the sites you
like then contact them direct to see if they are open when you want. If I
can help in any way let me know.
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