Injector Pump Probs, possibly.



Hi All,
I have recently had the timing gear's and IP removed for installation of a
new oil pump.
All went back together correctly but we cannot get the motor to run
It ticks over ok but will hardly rev to 2000 rpm and sounds rough and
produces white smoke.
If we pump the primer whilst running the engine revs better but only while
pumping like a maniac.
We also have hooked a vacuum gauge to the where the pump sucks fuel and it
remained on zero, it was quite sensitive and I was sort of expecting to see
something, do you think my IP is stuffed? Or anyone have any ideas?


Hi Martin,
Whilst the lack of 'suction' from the pump is worrying, I would be more concerned that the engine was fine before the work and then was a problem afterwards.
Get them to check that the pump was plumbed in correctly and find out what they did to make sure the timing was set properly.
Also check that the fuel lines were connected without any leaks and fuel filter was put back on properly.
If you want to chat through other options give me a call tomorrow on 01285 821 910.


Hi Julian,
Unfortunately it was NOT done professionally and was done by myself ;-) and
a friend who is much perplexed about the situation(he is a toy mechanic,
gulp or lol not sure which :).
We have set the timing according to the manual (lined up all the numbers on
the cogs, for instance: "the number 5" goes between the two number 5's on
the injector timing gear and so on...
Also tried running direct from a bottle that was connected via pipe to the
IP to eliminate any possible fuel pipe/filter issues from the IP to the
tank, which did NOT improve the situation.
I am sure all pipes are connected and have been triple checked to the
positions they should be at.
Going to check the vacuum pipes out later see if anything obvious is
Its purely a trial rig at the moment and has had some dents and a diff/cv
problem at the moment so i will probably end up scrapping it anyway(70
Series LandCruiser II 3.0 1KZ-T, not the TE).
Sorry been at work today and have no time to call, thanks for the offer
though and I might take it up another day if that's ok?
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