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Injectors for VM66A (HR 588 HTA) engine


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Oct 2, 2021
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Hello all,

After barely passing the emissions test during inspection, I thought it's time to stop ignoring what needs to be done...injector work!

Of course everything about the Italian VM 5 cylinder engine seems to be needlessly difficult due to a lack of information on this engine.

I found a part number in an Italian VM engine manual for the injectors. The VM catalog says they are Bosch 15060033A with nozzles 45060053A.

I can't find those part numbers anywhere on the internet nor can a trusted mechanic.

But, I did find Bosch 1506003B for an 80's Alfa Romeo 6 (119) with the same 5 cylinder engine, HR 588 HT, but with different cylinder heads.
I can buy these injectors brand new but they open at 155 bar and close at 163. My Spanish Land Cruiser manual says they should open at 147 bar and close at 155.

Is the higher pressure of the new injectors going to cause timing problems for my engine or injector pump? Can the pump be adjusted for the slightly higher pressure? Anything else I may be completely missing?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has some knowledge they would like to share with me about injectors!

If you can't get any information on here I would say go to a Bosch service engineer specialist and see if they can help you or an injection service center
Thanks for responding. I will definitely take your advice and seek out an expert since I'm learning as I go with my vehicle.

The one thing I've noticed, though, is that there are a lot of opinionated professionals that can't seem to understand why I'm wanting to spend money fixing this particular engine. (I'm in Spain.) I was just hoping to gain some knowledge before flying into the strong headwinds!
Hi Mike , hope all good ,
I also need to overhaul the injectors or get new ones, my engine is the 4 cyl. I'll ask the store where I got the engine parts maybe they can get the original injectors. Let you now on monday
Hi yromero98,
At least for the 5 cyl. VM, it's got Bosch KBE58S4/4 injectors (155 BAR).

I don't know much about mechanics, but I've been learning as I go from one rebuild to the next. Online, you can find new injectors but the pressures are different, 125 BAR or 160 BAR. I assume the part number above is for the injector body while the nozzle has a different one. I've not been able to find a new nozzle at 155 BAR.
So, I've just sent my injectors off to a specialist to be rebuilt.
Supposedly, the correct new injectors can be found in Germany for the hefty price of €350 each.
Thanks. The I will go for overhaul definitivamente. 350 es muy caro. Oh I also found a rebuild kit for the turbo for about 45 eur. I'll send you some photos next week when I get it.
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Username, take no notice of opinionated professionals or otherwise, your vehicle your money, ask them if their own vehicle will be in such good shape or even running after all those years, and for good measure, ask why they would want to spend money on beer/fags/women etc. Lol.
Thanks yromero98, I've been keeping my eyes open for a used turbo because they're hard to come by for the VM 5 cylinder. I've got a K24 but on the 4 cylinder engines I believe it's a K16.
Hi Tractionman, exactly!!!
I don't mind honest opinions about my vehicle but if a professional is unwilling to take me seriously then they're not going to get my business. Luckily, I've found a great mechanic I can bounce ideas off of as I slowly go about fixing my truck. I try to do as much work as I can but if it's over my head he tells me what needs to happen, then I do the research and find original parts and he gets it done.
The engine has been the most difficult part to deal with since there's very little information on it out there. The online parts stores don't even acknowledge the VM engine exists in a cruiser!
Nice and crusty!
HI username , Wanted to ask if found injectores reconstruidos or a kit to rebuild? Your injectores look exactly like mine.

Bosch 937

KBE 58S4/4 155 bar


I found a rebuilt kit for the turbo. it has everything but the turbines. Cost me 55 eur here in Lisbon.

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Hi yromero98,
I couldn't find anything about the injectors, no information and no rebuild kit. In my research though, I found that the Alfa Romeo 6 (119) from the 1980s had a VM HR 588 engine like my Cruiser. I found new injectors on autodoc. com for that Alfa Romeo 6 that looked just like mine but when I spoke to one of their technicians they said it wasn't the right injector. I don't know.
So in the end, I sent my original injectors off to be cleaned and rebuilt at a specialist. They're back in and work fine, hardly any smoke now!
If you've got the VM HR 492 (4 cylinder) engine then it's similar to the Range Rover 2.5 TD from 1989 to 1994 (I think) which had the same engine. There's more information on that Range Rover than there is on the Land Cruiser. That can help you.
Thanks for the information on the rebuild kit for the turbo. I have to make sure it's for the K24 turbo that I've got. The 4 cylinder VMs from 1990 to 1994 had the K16.
Thanks for your help and information, that's what makes these forums so wonderful!
Thanks for the reply ! , Then I'll just send the injectors for cleaning and stuff ..
Keep in mind that if you need the kit for the turbo , you can send the photo of the model number and the guy from MF pinto will find the correct kit .